Designed in collaboration with leading conservators and artists to provide a precision easel for the support of paintings and works of art on canvas, wood, glass, stone, etc. The easel is ideal for microscope work, retouching, inpainting, and investigative work with ultra violet or infra-red photography, oil painting and all other restoration work.
The painting support frame locks the work of art securely by the selection of either the small or large adjustable holders, to retain the work safely during movement. Large rubber (or nylon) locking wheels allow the easel to be moved around the studio or laboratory with ease.
The smooth vertical movement is controlled by the remote hand controller for up or down movement, by pressing the activate button. It has a rate of movement of 300mm per 30 seconds approximately, allowing precision positioning of the work.
A tilting facility can be provided giving adjustment from the vertical to 10 degrees, pivoting forwards from the base of the picture carrier.

The easel is compatible with the CLE Cartesian Microscope Stand, allowing close proximity of the scanning microscope (bottom left image).

A wall mounted version (bottom right image) is available for use in photographic and x-ray labs etc.


Construction: Heavy duty welded steel frame, with matt black epoxy coated finish.

Wheels:Locking heavy duty rubber or nylon.

Frame size: Height 2000mm X width 500mm.

Base size: 620mm x 900mm

Picture carrier: Max width 3500, max height 2500mm. Large picture holder min height 1250mm.

Capacity: 40Kg max weight.

Small holder: Max width 2000mm, height 1250mm, Min height 100mm.

Motorized lift: Range 1100mm at 300mm per 30 sec.

Electrical: 220/240V 50Hz

Export: 110/120V 60Hz

110/127V 50Hz

Custom options include:

Increased capacity and sizes custom built to clients requirements.

When ordering the Tilt mechanism specify "TM" plus order code.






Motorised Trolley Easel (standard) 40kg 3.0m x 2.5m capacity. 240V 50Hz.






Wall Fixed Motorised version custom built 40kg 3.0m x 2.5m capacity. 240V 50Hz.






Wall Tracking version custom built 40kg 3.0m x 2.5m capacity. 240V 50Hz.






Tilt mechanism, 0-10 deg. Specify 'TM' when ordering.


Specify 'TM'



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